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Logging Archived Caches.


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I fully believe that if the cache is archived but still in place there is nothing wrong with logging it as a Find -- in fact, I have done so in the past.


If the owner and the cache have been inactive for a fairly long period of time I have also been known to pick up the geo-trash and haul it away. Others will say that it might still be listed on another caching website and thus still and "active" cache, but around here that has never been an issue.

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Should one log a find on a cache that has been archived that is still in place?
Should? I wouldn't say "should." "Can" is more accurate. You found it right? Just make sure it is the cache you think it is. It could be another iteration of a previous cache or a final for a puzzle or mystery.


Should this cache be logged and or removed?
It can be logged, if the owner allows, but should not be removed unless the owner says or it is absolutely obvious it is trash. As a rule of thumb, an archived, but maintained, cache is still a viable cache and still in play.
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