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Hurricane Ike EmComm

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Hams: We need your help with Hurricane Ike Response EmComm


We need relay stations willing to monitor HF to pass traffic. Convoys of relief vehicles are headed into the affected area and many of those mobile stations will need relays.


Please listen (but do not rag-chew!) on:


7.261 and up depending on QRM for SBDR (Southern Baptist Disaster Relief) At this moment 7.262 is fairly quiet, that will change.


14.260 and up... SATERN (Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network) will be operating on 14.265... you may make contact with SBDR on this frequency then move to an agreed-upon frequency for passing traffic.


If you hear traffic but can't relay it email it to Email na4mb@winlink.org


Hams can use EchoLink NA4MB-L node 286648 to deliver traffic heard on HF.


Non-hams (anyone) can download Echolink and listen on your PC, just register as a SWL (Short-Wave Listener)


Traffic can also be relayed to Phone 770-410-6000 Ext 5121, 5125 or 5126


D-Star on the (your local D-STAR repeater)... in Birmingham AL the KI4SBA repeater system on 1.2Ghz or 2 meters


Staffing requests for amateur radio operators are beginning to come in

from the South Texas (STX) Section. The ARRL is requesting that nearby

sections, including Alabama assemble a list of volunteers who are

willing and able to deploy to the affected area. Suitable candidates

should be licensed amateur radio operators, in good physical condition,

who are able to travel to Texas for a minimum of five (5) days.


There is no reimbursement for travel expenses. No amateur radio

operator should deploy to the affected area until receiving orders to

do so by their Section Emergency Coordinator. If you are already

deploying to the affected area has part of another group such as ARC,

Southern Baptist, etc. I'm interesting in knowing the details.


If you are interested in serving in a volunteer deployment, please

contact your ARRL Section Emergency Coordinator (you can find his contact info at arrl.org)


or contact me immediately via cell phone (205) 253-4867 or e-mail to get in contact with your SEC:






Les Rayburn, N1LF

ARES AL Section Emergency Coordinator


(205) 253-4867



ARRL Alabama Section

Section Manager: Jay Isbell, KA4KUN



73 de W4AGA


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