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"Garmin Oregon Hanheld Touchscreen Navigator"


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I noticed on that review that the satellite page is showing 14sats. does this thing have more than a 12 channel receiver? I checked Garmins website but couldn't find the info.

What a fascinating thing to notice! Although my sat page has room for 14 sats I have never ever seen more then 12. And with 12 showing there has always been at least one none WAAS with no "D" designation. So far my best GPS Accuracy reading has been down to 13 feet. WAAS or no WAAS is negligible as far as accuracy I can see means. And... When I turn the unit on it normally seems to take around an hour for the "D"s to register on the sat single strength bars. I've turned the unit off and then right back on and it still took around an hour for the "D"s to appear again. I don't understand this Hot Fix at all so I will suspect it is inop. on the Oregon 400t until proven otherwise?

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Thanks for that link.

I came here to ask people their opinions on the Oregon as I'm on the verge of buying one, having apparently lost my Vista. I'm pretty impressed with that link. It has a wealth of information I found very useful.

I assumed you might be aware of this link too:




If not be sure to check it out thoroughly for other Oregon information you may want to be aware of.

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