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IPAQ 5555 AmbiCom GPS-CF Pro Tutorial

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Ipaq 5555 Microsoft PocketPC Version


An error occurred trying to start the GPS device. No GPS device could be found matching the requested "NMEA-0183" protocol. Please check to make sure GPS devices are powered on and paired via the Bluetooth Manager.


I havethe AmbioCom GPF-CF Pro connected to the Ipaq via the external Expansion Pack -- compact flash -- Ipaq recognizes the expansion pack and the GPS unit displays satellite data. Wherigo player keeps trying to launch bluetooth and autodetect GPS. Turned off autodetect Started totorial


reached point of tapping on Wear to put on space suite -- then get message


"Your GPS signal is not optimal. Try moving around to get better reception. You may have to change your GPS settings if you do not get a signal"


Why does the tutorial need a strong GPS signal? The GPS application shows the satellites and displays that I am receiving signals. ;)

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The tutorial has code to display that message if your GPSr reports an accuracy less than or equal to zero or greater than 45 feet. Other than that, I'm not familiar enough with the hardware.


I wonder what the GPSr reports as the accuracy? I might have to make a sample cartridge to find out...

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