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eTrex Legend Problems

Zac Young

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The world has come to an end.


I am using a Garmin eTrex Legend. I went to enter a set of co-ords for an evening cache jaunt and I dicovered that my 'right click' no long functions. It will select by pushing straight down, left, up, down, but not right. This has happened by fixed itself within a few minutes. I cannot get the to work for the life of my and no offence, but it's driving me crazy. Any suggestions?

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If it's an old Blue Legend then you may need to clean the contacts. Here's a link to the how-to document, but only proceed if you're out of warranty and willing to tinker!


[Edit] Nuts - wrong document! There was another one that went through the same method of opening the Legend then cleaning the contacts under the click stick before putting it all back together. Use the info from the above doc, but don't unplug the display cables - just open the case and clean the contacts.




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