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EarthCache event - meeting/conference


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We have been asked by a number of people recently if we are going to organize and EarthCache event like a meeting or a conference. We have been toying with this idea since EarthCaches started....but the big question is would people attend?


If we arranged a meeting over a weekend (starting Friday night and finishing Sunday noon) in the Boulder Area of Colorado - magic mountains full of wonderful EarthCache possibilities....would you travel to participate? If we called for people to give talks on setting up EarthCaches and had the opportunity to go and visit some great potential sites would that be enough? If you had the opportunity to meet the geoaware team, get a pin, see dinosaur footprints and visit cool old mines, would that attract you to come?


If not Colorado...where else would you go? Hawaii volcanoes? Australia outback? Maine? California?


Give us your ideas and suggestions...

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Ready to travel to beautiful Colorado!!!! Any date, any time.

Publish it, and they will come.


Long drive, which I have done many times to Colorado Springs.


Would be great having a face to face with geoaware, unique event, geologic content from experts face to face.


Possability of traveling to Canadian Rockies, oh, they are beatiful and want to return there some day. Another very long drive, but will come.


Out of US sites, possibility with enough time to plan, seems that would have to be off in the future.

Gee now you are going to be a travel service for earthcaches.

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I would love it. It would confirm to my family I'm a nutcase, but I need to keep my reputation up :) .


As you've heard before, finances are an issue :laughing: , as well as available vacation (never have enough :(). If it works out, there are many EarthCaches to see on the way to where ever it is held, and many to place. My girls will love the road trip.


For me the Southwest would be good for travel costs and time, but I'd like to see other parts of the country too. I hear Yellowstone/Grand Tetons have a bunch of Geologic Features to see.


I think Colorado is a similar driving distance so that might be ok.

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How about New Orleans delta.


Several years ago when I was in graduate school I attended the GSA meeting in Salt Lake City and sat in on some Geocaching talks, they were very interesting and I was a new geocacher at the time. alas, at that time I was not an avid enough Cacher to have taken my GPS with me on the flight, I regret I've never logged a cache in Utah or any of the ones GSA sets up for the conference.

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I’m thinking that a regional approach may be better from an individuals costs perspective thus gaining better attendance from local cachers.


Just a thought here… Many ECs are associated w/some type of Park.

Perhaps a regional approach may present an opportunity to some of the employees of the various “park systems” to attend and gain a better understanding of EC’s and geocaching in general. Hopefully making approvals easier?

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Could you somehow tie it in with GWVII?


I was going to suggest this. There were several "seminar"type meetings at GWVI in CA, and an Earthcache related topic would be a natural, with a built in audience (numbering in the thousands potentially). It would be great exposure for the GSA and the Earthcaching effort.


All the same, CO or CA would be good fit for our family. Plenty of advance notice would be a necessity, most likely beyond the usual three month posting that is is generally allowed on the site (up to six months for more complicated, overnight type Events).


I would suggest talking with the Local Reviewer or Groundspeak directly to see if as much as a year in advance would be granted.

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