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COINTEST: What Song am I listening to right now?


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email me your addy and I will get your coin out!


jake at coinswag dot com


? Did I ever send you my address? I don't remember receiving my winning coin :):(


Congrats to the winner!


I'm dying to see what the GeoPix coin turned out like. I'd love to see how my photo looked on it......I've seen pics of it online, but to see one "in person" would be lovely. I never bought one because of having the winning photograph in the competition for them here on the forums (mine's was the photo with the rainbow) and the prize being to win a couple of the coins.


However, the first package that Jake sent never reached me, goodness knows what happened to it.......and now I'm getting really worried about the replacement package he sent a few weeks ago, because it hasn't turned up yet either. I've never been this unlucky with mail from the USA before..... :P

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