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Formatting minutes part of waypoint

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I am not that familiar with the format strings used by the string.format function - I have currently created a rather unsatisfactory (yet working) bit of code to format the minutes part of a coordinate in the way we are used to - i.e. 00.000 (rounded to 3 decimal places with leading and trailing zeroes included)


Here is the code that formats the entire latitude portion as currently implemented:


local l = math.abs(lat)
local deg = math.floor(l)
local min = 60*(l - deg) 
local minint = math.floor(min)
local mindec = min-minint+ 0.0005
if lat < 0 then
cout = "S "
cout = "N "
cout = cout .. string.format("%2i",deg) .. [[ ]] .. string.format("%.2d",minint) .. [[.]] .. string.format("%.3i", mindec*1000)


I would be grateful for any suggestions for improvement as this seems rather inelegant



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You can make the code slightly shorter using the function "math.modf" to split off the integer and decimal components of the degrees.


%2.3f should give you the right formatting for the minutes (integer and decimal together).


Also, you can run all of the formatting together in a single string.format call:

string.format("%2i %3.2f",deg,min)


And if you want to save lines, the hemisphere letter can be assigned like this:

cout = (lat < 0) and "S" or "N"


(I'm writing this without Lua in front of me, so I don't guarantee that the syntax is perfect.)

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