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COINTEST ~ Win some sun!


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All right I've been looking forward to this! ;)


Here is your chance to win a "Here Comes the Sun" geocoin for your collection. I will be giving away 6 coins total (2 LE satin gold, 2 RE shiny gold, 2 RE antique copper). For the RE winners, you will get to choose in order of the winning guesses. The LE answers are tougher so those have been pre-selected as I'm assuming they will be the last correct answers given.


Here is how you play. I've chosen 6 songs with the letters "sun" in the title. The letters must appear in that order but can be part of a word or stand alone as the word in the song title. In order to have your guess count, you must post the exact title of the song CORRECTLY (spelling counts) and then post the name of the author and/or artist/group who popularized it. For example: "Here Comes the Sun" - The Beatles OR "Here Comes the Sun" - George Harrison. Either would be acceptable.


Please note: You may only guess one song title in 12 hours per the forum clock. I would like as many people to be able to participate as possible so any guess (even correct guess) will be disqualified if the poster has made a previous attempt within the 12 hour time frame. And once you have won a coin, no further guesses will be allowed by you. As I am unable to be at my computer 24/7, I will announce the first posted correct guess as the winner as quickly as I can.


I have emailed Eartha the answers prior to this post to ensure the cointest is fair. I will post hints as needed until the conclusion of the cointest.


I hope you all enjoy this cointest. I think I've had the idea for it ever since the inception of my coin design and am very excited to see how this works out. Good luck to all and please email me if you have any questions.



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Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In - 5th Dimension


And we have another winner!! Excellent job. :ph34r:




Pushing Tin - please email me your name/address and preference for shiny gold or antique copper coin.


Great guesses so far everyone. There have even been some entries that I never even thought of. I'm having fun remembering some of these great tunes.



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well done pushing tin. and thanks for the cointest thepeterstrio. i guess i leave now as i have had my guess and blown it. :-)


Hey don't give up! The answers for the LE coins are very hard. I'd be extremely surprised if they are picked in the next 12 hours so put your thinking cap on! :ph34r:

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Once one of the coins is won does the 12 hour wait time start over again?

Or does it mean that no matter how many coins are won you can only guess once every 12 hours?


One guess every 12 hours. No matter what. Sorry but I'm trying to make it fair to cachers who do not share my country's same time zones.


Thanks. I was just hoping that my next guess could be a tad earlier than 4am!! LOL

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