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Setting up trades for coins you don't yet have in hand.


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Hello all,


I have posted a trade request in the pinned topic and something thought provoking has occurred. I received a message from another forum member stating I was trading a coin I did not have in my possession yet. The person is correct that I don't have the coin in my possession but should receive it soon.


I have a pending trade for the coin and told the trader I don't have the coin in my possession yet. I asked them to not send their coin until I can send mine. Have I done something wrong?


As a new trader I want to make sure I'm doing things right.


Thanks for your help.


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I think people should spend less time worrying about what everyone else is doing with their trades ;)


Plenty of people have done what you're doing, including myself. I'm of the opinion that if everyone involved in the actual trade is aware of the circumstances, then that's all that really matters. If everyone is comfortable than why should it matter to others?


How many people sell coins that they don't have in hand (pre-sales)? Least you know a coin is on the way in this case :D

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I think it's the selling of coins on Ebay that are not yet in hand that is not allowed.... by Ebay.


I have a trade in progress for a coin that is not yet in hand and will wait to mail out my packet until theirs is ready to go. All up front, above board and nice.

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I have a trade set for a coin not yet in the traders hand but as I´m strongly certain they will send theirs as soon as they get it, I have already sent mine out. I have also set up trades for a coin I didn´t have in hand but that was a bad thing in that case, the coin was delayed several times but finally that one is now sent out and arrived.


As long as both parts in the trade are aware of the facts I don´t see a problem.


grodan Karin

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I'll add my 2 cents too, lol. As long as you and the trader you work with are aware of the circumstances, and ok with them, that's all that matters. I've done what you are doing a few times myself. It's really nobody's business, IMHO, how you work your trade with someone else.


Beyond that, I've sent/given coins to someone I knew well, knowing it would be a couple of weeks (or more) before they could send mine. Granted, I have only done this with someone I know and trust - but there you have it :D

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I think that as long as both parties are in agreement and it is known that a trader coin is not currently in hand, then all is fine. I have recently traded a coin that I have on order, which hopefully I will receive in a couple of weeks (or more) :D , but the person I traded with is aware of this.


If for some reason I do not receive the coin I have on order, I would offer to return the coin I received in the trade, unactivated of course.


OK that's my 2 cents worth :rolleyes:

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Well since you were completely forthcoming with the trader involved(i.e. me for at least one of the trades), You have nothing to worry about. I for one, was well aware the coins I was seeking/you were trading were not in your possession at this time and had no qualms about sending out my half of the trade, I know you will receive your coins and in turn I will receive what you had stated. I was completely happy with how you handled yourself. Others should conduct their trades as thoroughly as you. You asked questions and hopefully I satisfied your thrist for getting it done right and accordingly. I hope I put your mind at ease since your first trading experience didn't go over too well.


No worries on my end and as you see most here have posted the same...being up front and fully disclosing was very nice and refreshing.


I am sure we will both be satisified in the end.


side note there are some other coins on your list that interest me...

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Shoot, its practically become common practice with me recently!!! :rolleyes:


Its all about makin the trade and sometimes you gotta do what ya gotta do to get get whatcha gotta get and same goes for the other trader.

Shoot, Im tradin with a guy who sending me a trade for another guy, who that guy is sending me a coin for the first guy...The first guy doesnt even know what he's getting and i dont have either of the coins in hand!!! Basically middlemaning a killer trade is all so everyones happy...Hows That for Trading ettiquette??? BUT- Both parties know exactly whats goin on, just the one has no idea- make sense? :ph34r:


Its when "Good Trades go bad" is when you have to worry, and so far in the midst of Mayhem- Its all been Gravy! :)


Your doin just fine- Even though your countin your ducks early, we can do that...Were not waiting for the eggs to hatch- The ducks are alive and well! B)

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