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Who designs them?

Silfron Mandotheneset
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Well I was thinking about having a coin made... still just playing with the idea, I'd need to do a lot more research before really getting into it, and one thought led to another and well... how do most of the designs get designed? I'm a graphic design student so for me it's not a problem, I'm just curious. Do most people design them themselves, or is there some secret society of geocoin designers out there? Or does the mint design them if asked?

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Some mints will hire artists if you have a good enough idea (or a rough scanned-in sketch); some cachers hire artists themselves to turn an idea into a coin design to send off to a mint.


Myself, I draw it out rough (but complete). Then use a vector based image editor (a combo of flash, photoshop and illistrator) to design it in layers that will later be different levels of coin.


Reguardless, in the end the mint will edit the image to fit their working standards (commonly referred to as "mint art").


It is suprisingly simple, just very slow!




Just a quick edit to show some images:


Art that I sent to the mint:

Main Design

Background Pattern (This is why you want to design in layers)


The mint art that they finished: Mint Proof Design


Finished Product:

Antique Silver Finish

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Do most people design them themselves, or is there some secret society of geocoin designers out there?


Yes, but they won't let me in! :ph34r: Seriously though, if you have a good idea, just sketch it up as cleanly and concisely as possible. There are a bunch of good production companies that can help you out, but the design is usually the toughest part (next to crying over blueprints). Almost all of those companies do some art themselves, too so they can assist you with your questions. Of course almost everyone here has an opinion on coin design, too so you could always post your idea here if you're in need of some drama :rolleyes: If you want to try something you're not sure will work, just ask in here. I'm always amazed at how many great new designs pop up from someone just asking if it's even possible :)

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