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Help with the Micros!

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We are new to Geocaching and had good luck our first day in the mountains (3 for 3). However... today we went closer to home and they all turned out to be micros and we found a big 0!!!! Let's make that 0 for 5 on our day! ;) So is there any advise out there for a newbie looking for a micro?!?!? I just don't get it! I'm all beaten up, weeds cut me up... and I came out empty. Please help!

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Ignore micros??







(many micros are magnetic - check metal surfaces, look for signs of other searches - especially where somebody may have stood for a few minutes, micros are easy to camo due to the size - feel all objects - look for anything not right or out of place, think like a hider - where would you hide something, check under branches and rocks, some micros are hung in branches check carefully)

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You can ignore micros or you can learn what they are, and where to look for them and some of them can be very easy. Micros in the woods are VERY difficult, micros in the parking lot of WalMart are easy once you know where to look. If the micros you are looking for are in an urban setting then you should understand that they can be as small as the size of a small marble. These are called nanos but Geocaching.com doesn't recognize that size. If you are in the area of metal like a sign, guardrail, or other structure made of metal, the cache will often have magnets attached and will be clinging to the underside of the structure. If you are in the area of pine trees, shrubs, or sometimes wooden bridges they will be a matchstick container (the plastic waterproof type), they will have a small caribeaner attached to them and they will be hanging on a limb (sometimes very difficult). Hopefully that gives you at least some idea but if you would like more help just ask any of the cachers in your area. I have found all of them to be very helpful.

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What you need is a woman! From experience, it is usually my girlfriend who finds the micro caches when we are out searching together. Lately I am starting to wait to try the micros when she's coming along, I never have any easy time when I try them on my own.


Sometime another set of eyes is a big help. You can cover more ground quickly and differing perspectives can go a long way sometimes.

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Go to the cache supply site and look at the devious micro caches for sale. These small thimble suckers get hung in a tree with fish line almost invisable to spot. Yes some are magnetic and are painted to match the surrounding billboard. peel it off and look at the back side. I have seen normal looking rocks under a bush, move the rock and there is nothing hidden under the rock. But turn the rock over as some devious person figured out they can drill a holl into the bottom side and stash a micro in there.

I have also come across some that were rivited or screwed onto a post as in a metal label with the just the coordinates on the tag.

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The most evil micro I've ever seen was a blinky (the teeny little magnetic containers). The hint said "Magnetic", which of course made people look harder at the only obvious metal object nearby, which happened to be a sign which was related to the cache title. It also had a wasp nest, but that's not critical to the story.


The cache was stuck to a piece of green floral wire the hider had found wrapped around a limb of this huge oak tree. It was completely hidden by ivy.

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Well keep in mind on the guardrails there is usually extra holes drilled for additional bolts and or some now have holes drilled so they shear off to scrub off the force of impact.

This allows micros to sit in them as well.

Magnetics are usually fairly obvious inside a hidey hole in the end or behind the post itself.

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