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Oh No! Not Again..Oregon Clock Failure Just Like Colorado!


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I just booted up my Oregon 400t a few minutes ago here inside the store (2:50 PM Eastern Time). It couldn't acquire a signal here inside. When I looked at its alarm clock screen to check it's now dumbed-down time display, it was showing 7:20 AM! This unit had been used just yesterday afternoon, at which time, it had no doubt, reset its clock to the exact time via the satellites! Don't tell me that Garmin now has the same damned clock issue with these units as plagued the ill-fated Colorados. Surely they didn't use the same internal timekeeping circuitry in the Oregons.

If so, this means the same ongoing problems with the pressure plotting, alarm function and slow aquisition as in the Colorado. Better check yours!

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And I've never had a clock problem on my Colorado.... What does all this prove?


I don't know, but I do know that Garmin recognizes that the clock thing was/is a very serious issue with the Colorado.

We have had several units do this here where I work. It was tweaked in a couple of the software updates which made an attempt to fix it, but only seemed to cause the clock to run a bit too fast afterwards. I guess that's better than it stopping entirely. This is only noticed if the unit has been turned off for a day ir so and is then booted up where it is unable to acquire. It seems as the internal clock can't keep accurate time with the unit off. I've never seen this sort of thing in any previous units back as far as the Garmin 38's! Looks like having an accurate internal clock would be a no-brainer after all!

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This was (is?) an occasional problem on some of the Colorado's. For a long time I thought mine was immune but then I started seeing it. The problem wasn't so much the issue of time being off -- this issue seemed to accompanied by two other problems 1) the unit would take a long time to lock because it would fall back into auto-locate mode or 2) it would hang at the Garmin banner the next time up. Some of this may have been fixed in later software releases by increasing internal clock frequencies which was then backed down in 2.6. 2.6 is still a little fast if you compare the timers and stopwatch to a decent reference but not nearly as noticeable at was prior to that.


You certainly don't hear as much about it as you used to but this one always felt like an issue in the hardware that Garmin was trying to work around by playing with clock frequencies.



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