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Has this ever happened to your earthcache?


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It was a medium size rock. About 4 foot long by 3 foot high. There are others near by, I'll just have to go out there and remark coords to a new one that isn't that far from the original one. It's just kind of funny how it was in the middle of the woods but still got muggled. Guess there is a first for everything. ;)

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... It's just kind of funny how it was in the middle of the woods but still got muggled. ..


We were building a large waterfall at our farm, went into the bush and hauled off quite a few large boulders with a tractor for the construction. We weren't muggling them, as technically it was our land, and we were just moving rocks around on it.


Maybe someone just thought it looked pretty and took it for a yard decoration :laughing: certainly better then a pink flamingo!

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I have one that is even weirder.

A while ago one of my EC's was disabled by GS.

It turns out that they had received a complaint from the police in the Faro (Algarve) region that a box was found with my name in it. It just so happens that I happen to pay special attention when placing EC's and NEVER leave a container with my name on it at the site.

Also, the police station in question was more that 150 km from the EC site and unlikely that their jurisdiction stretched that far.

After contacting the police and getting a precise location of the "offending" container, it turned out to be a cache nearby Faro that was located near the house of some elderly couple who found it very strange that every now and then there would be some people searching for something near their vegetable patch. They alerted the police, the police found the cache, kept it and somehow associated the cache with my name. How? I have no idea as I have no caches nearby.

Anyway after many phone calls to the police explaining how the game works and what it entails and many mails to GC.com, I finally got my EC back up and running.

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