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Vincennes Geocachers

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We just started Geocaching and found that we LOVE it! We have gone the past two weekends. We found a travel bug (did not take it) this weekend but did not know what it was until we came back home. We are very excited and want to do everything now (geocoins, travel bugs, etc..). Is there anyone else around the Vincennes area? I found out you can't wear shorts and crocks to geocach in, so I am investing in a good pair of hiking boots. Do you all ever get together? Does anyone do the letterboxing? I am interested in that as well. Is there a place you all recommend to buy geocoins? We can design our own right? Am I asking enough questions yet? I work at Ouabache Trails Park and haven't looked for the ones there yet, my husband and I are going after those next week. Please be careful on the RR Tracks you wont hear the trains until they are on you. Thanks!

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Hey, guys and welcome to geocaching. Sorry it took so long for someone to respond to you. We were busy finalizing plans for the Indiana Fall Picnic that was held last weekend. Sorry you missed it since it was a perfect opportunity for you to meet a lot of geocachers. You can check it out at GC19ZEH. If you're interesed in attending next year mark the weekend after labor day on your calendar.


Although, I'm not sure who caches in the Vincennes are, there are a lot of opportunities to get together with other cachers. Many of us travel quite a bit throughout the state to cache and to attend events. Click on the My Account section on geocaching.com. Then go to Set Up Notifications. You can have geocaching.com send you emails when an event is in your area.


TrailMix is also an event that is in different locations every few months. The premise being TrailMix is a group of cacher with all levels of hiking and caching skills getting together to hike a trail. There are cachers of every shape, size, age and skill on this trail. We all hike together. It's not about the speed or ability but about the people. Next TrailMix is GC1EW27. Hope to see you there.


Caching in Indiana is wonderful and the people are fantastic! Got to go to work but if you have any other questions, I will be glad to help.



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