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Hats off to the US Border Patrol

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Sometimes we have difficulty with the area law enforcement but here is a log entry that proves they have a sense of humor also. The cache in question is GC119Z5 Fasten Safety Belts - Maverick. I placed this as part of the Texas County Challenge. Maverick County is in far south Texas and very little traveled.

OK...SOMEONE ISN'T TELLING THE WHOLE STORY! Who was stopped by the border patrol before us? No log entry but seems that would be note worthy and it sure had an impact on us!


Pulled up to the cache. Border Patrol sitting there. I do not consider law officers to be muggles so I ignore them and if they have questions I will answer them 100% truthfully and in maximum detail. We headed for GZ with GPSrs in hand. Started scouring and not having much luck! Turned around and there are two BP agents headed for us in a beeline! One of them shouts out, "I know what you are doing!" OK, a fellow geocacher?


He told us that they had seen another cacher earlier and were not sure the story was real. But they came back and when they saw us, they know the story was real. Told me that I was real hot. I said I figured I was. He said he didn't want to ruin the game for me and wanted to know that if he interfered, would it affect the game outcome for me. I told him, "No, the game evolves with every find and every find is just another chapter in a large collection of stories relative to caches."


He said, "Well you need to know that you are real hot but I don't want to ruin the game for you." I said, "No problem, it is right along the fence here somewhere." He said, "No it is not. I have it here in my hand!" He pulled his hand out behind his back and handed me the cache!


He went on to explain that the first cacher had not shown him the cache but had simply told him what he had been doing and departed the area. They went out on a call and then came back just to see if the story was real. They went to the fence and got the cache and then took it to their vehicle to examine it. They were reading the into to Geocaching in the log when we pulled up. He told us that they felt absolutely awful when they realized that we were looking for the cache and that they had it in their hands!


That was when they approached us. There was a lot of tale swapping and explanations and thanks you's and good lucks and we signed the log, put it back where it belonged and we all went our separate ways.


What an absolutely FUN encounter! This is the kind of happening that makes chasing Tupperware in the woods so much fun! IT WAS GREAT! TPLNSL...TFTH! Thanks for the FUN!


And BP agents, if you follow through and look up this log entry...well Thank You for Serving!


Many thumbs up to the Border Patrol



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