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Holiday Lobster Geocoins

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Holiday Lobster Geocoins


It is rumored that in very remote areas of the Northern Atlantic Ocean there exists a lobster with molting in the pattern of snowflakes covering its backside. Some fishermen have even claimed to have seen one of these lobsters in person but up until now it was all just a big rumor. Shedew & I learned of this rare lobster and decided to put our heads together to find a way to catch some for ourselves. We were very successful in our pursuits and managed to locate 100 of these creatures. When the masses found out a feeding frenzy took place and those 100 lobsters disappeared in just a matter of minutes yesterday afternoon.


Realizing that many people were unable to purchase some of these lobsters for themselves we decided to use our lobster hunting skills and we were able to secure 300 additional Holiday Lobsters. We believe that these coins will arrive around December 22nd.


If you would like to reserve some of these coins for yourself please send me an email at Karma@Dorkfishcoins.com. Once I receive word that the coins have shipped to me I will begin sending out paypal invoices. Or if you'd like to pay with a money order/cashier's check just let me know.


There are currently 3 different versions available:


- Red Holiday Lobster with translucent red enameling covering its entire body with tiny gold snowflakes covering the entire topside minted in gold metal plating.


- Green Holiday Lobster with translucent green enameling covering its entire body with tiny white snowflakes covering the entire topside minted in silver metal plating.


- Blue Holiday Lobster with translucent blue enameling covering its entire body with tiny silver snowflakes covering the entire topside minted in silver metal plating.


These coins are $9.25 & links with pictures can be seen below:


Red Holiday Lobster Link



Green Holiday Lobster Link



Blue Holiday Lobster Link

Sorry but I do not have a photo of this version

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I am still waiting for mine. I am watching the tracking. It arrived and left Scarborough Maine on the 27th and usually I get it the same day or the next. But it hasn't landed any where so not sure where it is now. Maybe it is swimming in the ocean with its relatives.. The pictures looks really nice.

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