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60csx File transfer question

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Just purchased a Garmin 60csx and have been playing around with it. When I connect it to my computer I get an Icon in the My Computer folder that says Mobile Device.


Should I be able to drag a .gpx file into that folder and then view the waypoints on the gpsr?


When I try it gives me the "can't drag that file in here" icon.


The reason I ask is that I would like to put several different files in there that I can choose when needed.


It does have an SD Card so I should have plenty of room.


Any help would be much appreciated.

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The way many people (including myself) do it is to install GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife) on your computer first. You then open the .gpx file in GSAK and then use the Send to GPS command to send it the file to your GPSr. I've never heard of anyone dragging and dropping a .gpx file directly to their GPSr.


You could also use EasyGPS to send the file though GSAK has a lot of other features that you can use if you decide to do paperless caching so that would be my first choice.

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Your Garmin 60 csx should have come with a CD with the Garmin maping software. I have a 60 CX and all we do is open the .gpx file in the Garmin software and then download the waypoints (caches) to the GPSr. You can also us GSAK as noted in the previous post, but after 30 days or so you will have to pay $25 to get rid of the very anoying nag screens. Either way will work, but if all you are looking to do is download caches to the handheld then the software that should have come with the 60 csx should work fine. The Garmin software will also allow waypoints, tracks and routes to be downloaded to the PC from the handheld.

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