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iQUE 3600

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Trying to install waypoints on to my Ique help. :blink:



i have one too

i am working on the same thing

from what i can tell you can do it 2 ways

enter it manually (via coordinates, find, or map)

or download it directly (via google maps, geocaching.com)

then use the que function to make a route to the wp

good luck

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Get GSAK and Cachemate. Load PQ into GSAK. Export to PDB file (the little flag up top). Sync. Open Cachemate and follow instructions to load PQ. In Cachemate go to Export and send it. Done.


Use the iQue to drive to parking. Use CacheNav to find cache.


To delete the waypoints from the PDA side of the iQue set up a query on your computer to find all contacts with Cachemate in the Note field. Then select all (Ctrl-A) and delete. Sync.

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search for waypt2ique. This is a vbscript that converts gpx and loc files to a vcard file which can be imported into the palm desktop program and sync'd with the iQue. If you are not using Windows, I have a perl script which currently is usable but needs some improvement. Of course the perl script need the perl intrepreter installed.


The script also requires the XML::DOM and XML::DOM::Xpath modules to be installed on the computer.


I have used several of the more useful gpx files to various addressbook fields. currently the script sometimes chokes on the long description. These are listed in the comments at the end of the script. Also you may want to create a "Caches" category on the iQue addressbook database to keep the caches seperated from other contacts.


This script is as-is with no warranty or garantee. use at you own risk.


---script starts on next line---------



use XML::DOM;

use XML::DOM::XPath;


# $fname="work/All";

if($fname){$x=1;}{ print "\n Input from: "; $fname=<>;chomp $fname;};


# constant for converting decimal degrees to Garmin circular cordinates



sub GarminCvt{ #convert Decimal degrees to Garmin hex format

my ($val) = @_; #usage: $hxString = GarminCvt($decimalDegrees)

$Gd = $val*$GarminConst; #convert to circular co-ord

$Gtmp = pack('i',$Gd); # convert to signed integer

$Gb = unpack('h*',$Gtmp); # convert to hex

$Gh = uc(reverse($Gb)); # this is needed because the unpack reverses the byte order

return $Gh;};


open("vcf",">" . $fname . ".vcf");

my $parser= new XML::DOM::Parser;

my $gpx = $parser->parsefile ( $fname . ".gpx" );


my $waypointslist = $gpx->getElementsByTagName("wpt");
















$name = $waypointslist->item($place)->findvalue('name');

$description = $waypointslist->item($place)->findvalue('desc');

$type = $waypointslist->item($place)->findvalue('type');

$sym = $waypointslist->item($place)->findvalue('sym');


if($sym eq "Geocache"){$simicon="B203F";};

if($sym eq "Parking Area"){$simicon="B009E";};

if($sym eq "Reference Point"){$simicon="B009D";};

if($sym eq "Trailhead"){$simicon="B00AF";};

$difficulty = $waypointslist->item($place)->findvalue('Groundspeak:cache/Groundspeak:difficulty');

$terrain = $waypointslist->item($place)->findvalue('Groundspeak:cache/Groundspeak:terrain');

$container = $waypointslist->item($place)->findvalue('Groundspeak:cache/Groundspeak:container');

$encoded_hints = $waypointslist->item($place)->findvalue('Groundspeak:cache/Groundspeak:encoded_hints');

# $long_description = $waypointslist->item($place)->findvalue('Groundspeak:cache/Groundspeak:long_description');

$url = $waypointslist->item($place)->findvalue('Groundspeak:cache/Groundspeak:url');

$lat = $waypointslist->item($place)->findvalue('@lat');

$lath = GarminCvt($lat);

$lon = $waypointslist->item($place)->findvalue('@lon');

$lonh = GarminCvt($lon);


print vcf "BEGIN:VCARD\n";

print vcf "VERSION:2.1\n";

print vcf "N:" . $name .";" . $description . "\n";

print vcf "ORG:" . $type ."\n";

print vcf "ADR:;;" . $difficulty . ";" . $terrain . ";" . $container . ";;\n";

print vcf "NOTE;ENCODING=QUOTED-PRINTABLE:" . $long_description ."\n";

print vcf "URL;WORK:" . $url . "\n";

#print vcf "X-Palm-Custom1:" . $encoded_hints ."\n";

print vcf "X-Palm-Custom4:GARMIN " . $lath . " " . $lonh . " " . $simicon . "\n";

print vcf "END:VCARD\n";






#The point of this script is to take a GPX file as input, and produce a VCARD file (VCF) that can import into the palm contact manager on the iQue 3600. This involves mapping GPX fields to VCARD fields.


#gpx to vcard fields:

#name ->N:name







#Coordinates and icon->X-Palm-Custom4

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