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do you think it would be worth the wait?

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Be prepared for about 3,754 different answers :);)

We all love our own GPS's and they are of course the best to use :)


I have an Etrex Vista C and my wife a Colorado. They are both fine, but the Colorado has the edge because you can download cache pages directly to it (up to 500 via pocket queries) and so have all the information, logs and hints + maps (maps depend on what model you get in the USA) so basically everything you want in your hand.


Chris (MrB)

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Answer #2 of 37,54:


If you ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY KNOW FOR SURE you'll love this sport, and you can afford it, then by all means go for the big guns and order the Colorado (or even better, the Oregon).


Otherwise, I always recommend getting a cheaper used unit as a starter. Check the GPS forums here, or even better, your local forums or events. Just make sure you can directly download waypoints from your computer to whichever unit you buy (hand-entering coordinates is a fun-killing chore). If you lose interest after several months you haven't blown $400-$500 on an expensive paperweight. If you're still gung-ho, then invest in the better unit and sell your starter to some other newbie. If you don't want to sell it just keep it as a backup for when you drop the Colorado in a river or leave it on the roof of your car. :unsure:


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Answer 4 0f 3,754


I started a year ago with a little explorist 100, B/W, no maps, hand enter. Got it on sale for $35. Not in the least bit sorry about the decision, either. I've learned the hobby without hi-tech stress and possibly a wrong decision had I bought a hi-tech GPS right away.


Now I'm ready to begin shopping for an upgrade and will always have the 100 as a back-up.



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I've had a 60csx for 2 years and love it. There are some features that the 60 has that the colorado wont do and there are things the colorado does that the 60 wont do. The worst thing about the colorado I've seen is if you are workin a multi and are manually entering coords it is alot tougher to do than on a 60. Get the oregon with the touch screen.

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FWIW, I currently have a Rino 530HCx because I have friends that have Rinos and it's nice to be able to see their positions on my unit during non-caching activities. GPS-wise, it's really similar to the 60CSx, except that it can only hold 500 waypoints vs. 1000.


I'm planning on checking out the Oregon 400t as soon as they come out. I think this will be my main GPS for anything that I'm doing that doesn't need the radio, and then I'll keep the Rino for those situations. Based on Garmin's site, it seems like it's right up there with the 60CSx and my Rino, only it has a larger screen and is obviously a touchscreen.

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