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Degrees symbol handled inconsistently

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Trying to get the degrees symbol ( ° ) to be part of a text string I find that it either displays correctly in the Colorado or in the Emulator but not both. Sometimes it displays as a square box, sometimes it is preceded by an upper case A with an accent on it, sometimes it actually displays correctly. I haven't figured out what are the deciding factors but I suspect it is some kind of endian problem or depends on whether it happens to lie on an even or odd byte or something. Given that this entire application relates to the use of data that is built around information using this symbol one would have thought that this particular symbol would have been properly handled. I have searched the archives and the minimal documentation available but can find no reference to how to properly display this symbol. Any ideas?

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Odd. I created this:

Wherigo.MessageBox{Text=[[This is a degree symbol using unicode: ]] .. '\b0',}

As output, I received the square symbol and a zero. The square symbol, by the way, represents a character that cannot be rendered in the current font or environment.


I was trying to use the unicode value for the degree symbol so it would display on any device. I guess you can't do that in the emulator.


On a related note, using the unicode values "\97\98\99" will give me "abc", so I do know it's working.


For a list of all unicode values, see http://www.unicode.org/charts/charindex.html.

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