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How do you become a reviewer?

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You need to go through a very hard and difficult interview at the lily pad. There are a number of tests you have to pass, hide some real 5/5 caches. At least two of the caches have to be DNF'd by the crack team at HQ. And then pay a hefty fee for access to the computers. But I understand the pay is quite good.



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Long story short, they choose you.


Quickest way you can become a reviewer: get out there, cache your tail off, find caches and learn every aspect of the sport. When you are ready, place some caches, and make em real darn good ones. Go to events, meet cachers, and maybe have a few events of your own.


Keep on doing that, and when they decide they need another reviewer in your area for what ever reason, they find you...

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From the FAQs pinned at the top of the forum



How do I become a volunteer cache reviewer?


Geocaching.com asks geocachers to become volunteer cache reviewers based on an identified need in the local area. Qualifications include experience level (most volunteers have hidden dozens of caches and found hundreds or thousands), reputation within the local geocaching community, involvement with any local geocaching organizations, demonstrated ability to work with land managers, communications skills, and knowledge of the geocache listing guidelines.


The best thing you can do if you'd like to become a cache reviewer is to work on each of the qualifications described above. Then, when you least expect it, you might be asked!

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Release from the mental facility is optional.......but you need to have put in the time....

Yes, it is optional. But you do need to be able to get a pass once in awhile so you can get out and go cacheing.


Otherwise, just go caching, get involved with the community and the local cachers, above all... just have fun. Then one day a call comes in... and your life ends.

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