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Why No Antenna Plug on Oregon's?

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Has anyone noticed the obvious absence of an antenna plug on the new Oregon's? Is Garmin confident enough now that the internal antennas are all that we'll ever need now? Is this kinda' like what happened to external vehicle cell phone antennas on cars- just no longer necessary?


They are not needed in a low end consumer GPS where most users never use the option. GPS recievers are also more sensative than they used to be further reducing the need. If you really need one, you do need to get a higher end GPS.

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I would guess by the fact that most of the newer high sensitivity gps units can get a sattelite lock indoors without any kind of real view of the sky that 99.5% of people feel the need to run an external antenna anymore.

Exactly. I bought the Gilsson antenna for my 76CS. The coax broke at the mcx connector and I haven't felt the need to replace it for my 76CSx.

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