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How many ways are there to hide a cache in a tree?

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The most common we've found is 'under' the tree. Harder ones may involve a length of fishing line or string, possibly with the cache dangling from the branches or hidden under some of the leaves.

I think the hardest one for me was a really thin micro that was wedged in a crease halfway up the tree. It was so camouflage!

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... those small ones really frustrate me. Can anyone offer some words of wisdom?


Sure enough. There is the problem.


The moment you stop having fun apply stop, drop and roll. Stop when you realize the fun is gone. Drop what you are doing. Roll on out of there.


Also if you see a small cache and notice it's a tree consider just moving on to another cache you will enjoy.


A common hide method is to attach them to a branch where pine needles (that's in my area, YMMV) provide cammo. They are hard to find, prickley, a paint to get out and sign, and a pain to get back. Apparently the fun is getting stabbed with pine needles as you do all this.

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I have seen/found caches:

  • in the "v" between branches
  • hung by wire on the braches
  • disgused as a fake branch in the tree
  • hung on a small knobby remnant of branch at the center of a tree
  • wired to branches
  • at the base under rocks/leaves/needles etc
  • 10 feet away from the tree under a rock
  • 10 feet away from the tree under leaves
  • 30 feet off the ground up in the tree
  • way up in the tree attached to some rope and pulley system
  • camo'd as bark
  • in loose pieces of bark
  • etc...

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Off the top of my head, I recall containers that were...

  • lowered into hollow trees, some far enough down that you needed a tool to extract them
  • camouflaged as "rocks" and "logs" and placed at the base of trees
  • hidden among the exposed roots of a large tree
  • hidden in the crotch where a branch meets the trunk
  • covered with bark on one side and then tucked into a natural hole in the trunk, so only the bark showed
  • near the tree, hidden under UPS (Unusual Piles of Stones/Sticks), in hollow logs, in fence posts, etc.
  • hanging from branches like Christmas ornaments
  • camouflaged to look like parts of the tree (branches, seed pods, etc.)
  • hanging 20' up from a rope (bear-bag style)
  • tucked into one of the many crevices inside a hollow redwood tree

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