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Garmin eTrek H or Garmin Geko 201?

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Recommend for what?


I started with a geko 201


Pros: small.

Cons: short battery life, small display, fiddly buttons, low sensitivity.


The eTrex H


Pros: larger display, longer battery life, increased sensitivity, less fiddly buttons.

Cons: physical size.


Both are ok for a starter unit, you can find geocaches, mount it on a 'bike and use as a speedo, keep a track of your course.


Out of the two, I would go for the eTrex now my eyes are getting dim :laughing:


If you shop around, you can buy the discontinued eTrex Venture CX for the same money as either of the others. Although it doesn't have a high sensitivity receiver, it adds a colour screen, base maps, and a standard camera type USB connector rather than a proprietary serial port.

It also has a joystick for quicker co-ordinate entry. Pop in a 2 gig micro SD card and you can install full mapsource maps. I would get one of these!

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The Geko is easy to use and a great starter unit especially for kids.


The Yellow eTrex "H" has high sensitivity and a better bigger screen and a few more functions. Also easier to download cache info (but limited to using serial interface).


Best choice is an eTrex Venture HC - color screen, usb connections, map memory, longer battery life, high sensitivity, faster. Difference is only $40 or so if you shop around. Well worth the extra money.

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