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COINTEST! COINTEST! Cointest ended.


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The Jordan Pond House is accessible by road or carriage trail, and serves fresh popovers with blueberry jam.


This is a very little known fact. When I left my job in California we toured the New England states and part of Canada. I had a list of goals and things I wanted to see and do on this trip. One was to eat the famous popovers at the Jordan Pond House. BUT I got pregnant on the trip and couldn't eat anything at all when we finally made it there. I was disappointed that I had gone all that way and couldn't have one but happy that I was pregnant. See I told you it was a very little known fact!!!!! :D:D

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Jackson Labratory on the island has more than 1,300 employees. They are famous for genetically controlled research mice they breed and raise. Dr. Little who wrote the famous book - Inheritance of Coat Color in Dogs did much of his research at Jackson Lab.

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The island has a free bus service and shuttle which runs from mid-June through the fall. This bus service is generously supported by a major Maine outfitter (L.L. ? - you know who). There are 8 routes. The bus is called the Island Explorer and they have their own web site. There is even an online view of the busses locations on their web site. You can enjoy many parts of the island without using your own vehicle.

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When the Sea-King Neptune falls in love with the Goddess of the Wind, he attempts to send her a token of his affection, a golden key. He seeks the help of Fandango, the clever fox, to deliver his gift. But when Fandango reaches the Goddess he discovers the key is lost. Where the key is lost is the mystery of FANDANGO.


Somewhere on Mount Desert Island, Maine, a golden key is hidden. The location of the key can be found by reading through FANDANGO and uncovering the clues concealed in the pages of the book.


Be the first person to solve the riddle and locate the key and a treasure worth over $10,000 will be yours!


The location of the Golden Key can be found by means of clues both visual and verbal.


Can you find the key?

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Acadia National Park Temperatures

Degrees in Fahrenheit (High-Low)

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

31.9 34.4 41.6 52.7 65 74.2 79.8 78.2 69.2 57.9 47.1 36.9

10 13.8 22.3 32 42.3 51.3 57.1 56.3 48.1 38.4 28.8 16.7

Precipitation Normals (Total in Inches)

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

5.94 4.52 5.46 4.93 4.53 4.1 3.38 2.93 4.42 4.86 6.42 5.81

Annual: 57.3

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A beautiful spot to visit in Northeast Harbor Maine - Thuya Garden. Part of the Asticou Inn, this is a beautiful terrace garden which overlooks the harbor. As a civil officiant, I did the wedding of Geocachers Pedalchick and Sudonim in this beautiful location last September. To see more information about this beautiful place Google seach Thuya Garden.


Acadiahiker - thanks for this cointest!

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Quarrying of granite was historically an important industry. Mount Desert Island has three granite units, the Cadillac Mountain granite, the fine grained Sommesville granite, and the medium grained Sommesville granite. Surrounding DCg, is a zone of brecciated material, known as DSz (Devonian Shatter Zone).

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Mount Desert Island is famous for wild blueberries.

Around this time of year (August/September), the blueberries are ripe and ready to pick.


I remember being on a camping trip to Mount Desert Island when I was about 10 years old

and there were wild blueberries everywhere. You could take one of the trails and fill up

several bowls full of blueberries.

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Cadillac Mountain is the first place in the US to receive the sun of the day. Was pretty cool standing up there watching the sunrise with a bunch of strangers, all the while everyone was wrapped in blankets and such. Awesome views. Can't wait to go back, which I am sure we will since this is my dad's favorite place in the world to visit. Amazing since he doesn't even like lobster.

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