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COINTEST: Got some new body art Cointest ended.

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Looks like I missed this one while trying to recover from the long trip home (Fl-VA). Still trying to adjust to the time change from deployment too. So here goes anyways, Both ears pierced twice but only once at present (the first time they ripped out). Tongue pierced, ten years ago, a few months before I went to boot camp. You have no idea what I went through to keep my piercing. Navel, twice, my son removed it for me the first time (he kicked it out from the inside). I repierced upon return from my first deployment in 2005. One tattoo (sorry I don't have any pictures of it to post) of a shark on my right shoulder blade. I got it while I was still single, San Diego, CA in 2000. A very good representation of me when I was single. Sharks are the perfect predators, and if they stop, they die.

Hope the contest goes well and congrats to whoever wins!


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Ok. First off I will say, thanks to all who entered the cointest. I really enjoyed reading and seeing pics of other tats and piercings. Second, just as a reminder I used a random number generator to choose 1 winner and my wife and I choose the 2nd winner. Lemme tell you, choosing the second winner was hard, but we were able to decide on one. Third, if you just told me about your tat or piercing, then I pretty much skipped that one. I asked for pics as it is hard to imagine what your body art looked like, sorry. And last, since I was in such a great mood and had fun doing this cointest and there were so many interesting pieces of body art, I have choosen 5 extras to win an honorable mention, your prize will be one of my personal Pathtags.

So here we go.


The RNG winner is: Joranda for post #10 also I liked your Deadmans hand.

Our pick is: Kayn_05 for post #46, definitely lots of ink and very well done. Lots of bright colors and all the dedication, very nice. Family is important and that is what your tats represent.

You 2 will each receive a "It's not all about the numbers" geocoin and a pathtag. Please email me your addresses so I can package them up and get them out to you.


Now for the honorable mentions.

Gatoulis post #8 - even though there was no picture I really enjoyed learning a little bit about tats and piercings. Thank you.

Hockeyhick post #9 - Some very interesting tats. I like the frog and the sign and my wifed loved your tiger. Very nice.

Fairyhoney post # 38 - Love the outline of the horse, very nice. And Floyd is very cool. Not overlydone and just right.

Lorca.nl post #44 - I can relate to your story. My dad was not happy about my first, but then he came to like my skeleton.

Darkstar post #55 - Wish I could have seen the rest of your tats as they all sounded very interesting. What really got you an honorable mention was...yep, your TB tattooed to ya. I really did not think anyone would get a tat that had anything to do with geocaching. Plus your ear lobes are pretty cool, even though I dont think I could ever do that...but ya never know.

All honorable mentions, please email me your address and I will get my pathtag sent out to ya.


CONGRATS to the winners and the honorable mentions. I am glad to see there are other cachers out there that have some very neat and interesting bodyart. And thank you to everyone who entered.

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WOW!!! I am one of the honorable mentions!! Thank you soo much!!


email send!!! :laughing:


Congrats to all winners!!!


I really liked Floyd!!! :laughing:


Hockeyhick! Do you actually know what the fish tatto means???

It is the greek word IXΘΥΣ!!! It means Fish in Greek, but this symbol was used as a Christian symbol in Greece, just because IXΘΥΣ is a code word! Every letter of the word is the first letter of an other (according only to Early Christians!!)! The meaning is:



The translation of it in english, is: Jesus Christ God's son, Savor!


Early Christians were using this to recognize eachother, at the difficult times when Christians were hunted and gotten killed by Romans!


It was also used in Catacombs!! with that symbol, they knew where to meet....

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WOW . . Thanks for the cointest, I won :laughing: ! :laughing: !!! Yippee, yippee ,Yeah. I really do LOVE to see other tattoos. There has got to be great respect for some of them


GATOULIS, you are so knowledgeable it's refreshing :anicute: .

Gotta love that cute little tat on the guys head :laughing:




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