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Feature request: Ability to gather all my cachelogs on one page


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I would like to see the ability to gather all my logs in a 'blog' form, i.e. so I, and other, could read all my logs in sequential order.


It could be added as a link on the profile page and the feature could be enabled or disabled in my personal setting, similar to how we enable/disable the ability to accept friend requests.


The feature already exists for fourm entries in the profile page, having the logs this way would enable friends and families to read about old and new caching adventures and hopefully also encourage people to write a little longer and sometimes more intrsting logs.

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While you or I may not mind having our history revealed in this manner, I can imagine there are many who would immediately delete all their logs if this were universally applied.

Just as some would like to have a 'Photo Comment' or rating system, this site is neither a 'check out my photos' nor a 'check out my blog' site.

There are a few cachers who link their logs together, so their whole day's adventure can be read as it unfolded, but not everyone wishes to be so revealing.


Personally, I write each log to stand on it's own merit.

If I wanted to write a blog, I would use any of the available sites, and link to it from my profile page.

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I'd appreciate a feature that added "all logs" or "selected logs" to a MY Finds PQ, or as a separate query.

Currently, you get all logs on caches you've found n the My Finds PQ. But if you have logs on a cache that you haven't found, you won't receive those.


Personally, I'm not wanting my TB logs, but I'd like to see all my finds, DNFs, notes... though not necessarily on a public page.

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Maybe this would make more sense as a feature of the Friends List.


I could go for that!

An option to allow any of my 'Friends' to view my 'My Geocaching Details' (my logs) as if they were me.

Of course they wouldn't be able to edit anything...

I doubt any of my friends would care to look, but that's another issue.

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