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I finally got my Colorado turned into a 400t with all

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Earlier this year when Colorado’s were released there were many saying that you didn’t need to spend extra money for a 400t if you already had Topo US 2008. They said that a Colorado 300 plus Topo US 2008 DVD plus 4GB SD memory would equal a Colorado 400t and in addition you would have Topo US 2008 DVD to load on your PC. So I cancelled my back order for a 400t and ordered a 300. I get the 300 to realize I was misled. I immediately ran into the 4000 – 5000 map segment limit that kept me from loading all of Topo US 2008 before even adding any City Navigator segments. Then there was the prospect of combining segments but to my knowledge this hasn’t worked on Topo US 2008. I ended up buying a 400t. One day I wondered if the preloaded Topo US 2008 v.2 map would work on the 300. I loaded it to a SD card and renamed it to gmapsupp.img since that’s the only map file name recognized on the SD memory. I fired it up and yes it worked! Now how to get the City Navigator maps added? Theoretically it should work. It would be 493 segments and 3.8Gb file, under the segment limit and the 4Gb size limit. So just for giggles I combined the Topo US 2008 v.2 and City Navigator North America NT2009 together with GMap Tool. To my surprise it works. Now if Garmin would release the Topo US 2008 v.2 for sell I could do this legally.

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