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Who says geocaching isn't a sport


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would I get to talk to the volleyball team?

Oh yeah.. they get medals for walking like penguins:



If Geocaching WAS an olympic sport, how would it be played? like a decathlon, with a multi, puzzle, earthcache, and letterbox thrown into the mix? Full body contact? Foam bats? ... Awesome..

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Beach volleyball? (shaking head in disgust). Next it'll be sandcastle building and bury-your-dad-in-sand. I don't think any *leisure* activity should be an Olympic sport. Sorry.


I was watching BMX bike racing last night. Talk about unfair. If someone wipes out they should stop the race and run it again, or base it on times with fewer riders in each heat.


There are plenty of other problems with the Olympics as I see it too, but don't get me started. :yikes:


Is Geocaching a sport? No more so than hiking, IMO.

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At an event last night a homage to geocaching was revealed in the sports. Right up on the wall with hockey football and baseball


BP Homage


Coincidentally we were served vodka shots in film canisters with a sugared lemon slice. I propose we call this drink a "FTF". That way I will finally get one :cry:


BRILLIANT! I totally love this and has put a huge grin on my face. Thanks for sharing!

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and if you get to a beach, put up a net and well you know :)


Wouldn't it really hurt to spike an ammo box?


I say after the round robin (The part with a multi, a binthair-esque puzzle, letterbox hybrid, AMIAT (And it had better be a huge tree), and a few other things) that the four most successful cachers go on to the medal round


The Medal round involves four, either tanks or rail cars, with a nano under each one

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