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COINTEST: Todies Wild Ride!

Rockin Roddy

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1) You went to grab a TWR coin that had been sitting in one of your caches for far too long.


2) Loaded up your cache coordinates of caches that had coins or TBs in them


3) 10F


4) none! you connected the GPS with your car so it was charging from there! :huh:

Would you care to adopt another coin...For having post number 3500!!


:D Of course I would care!!!1 <_<


WOW! I posted the 3500 post??? I didn't se that! I was trying to find the answers and didn't see it!!! :(


Congrats to team Cedo!!!!! :P Good job my friends!!!! :D


...and not to forget..... be aware of bikes around you

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We've got travelers out there, how about some "pocket coins"?? POCKET COIN: A coin you keep with you, one you share with people at events etc. My idea is this, you can activate one coin per participant for the sole purpose of visiting events and sharing this coin along the trails etc. The only way you can win with this coin is to SHARE THIS COIN with people you meet up with!




Only (1) coin per participant, the coin's name must be "Todie's Wild Ride PC: " so we can identify them from the others. MUST be a newly activated coin as of TODAY (Jan 16), you MUST have at least one coin in the TWR race to enter this separate but associated cointest. Set coin up according to the Todie's Wild Ride guidelines. Coins MUST stay with you or your caching partner if you cache as a couple, it should be shown to (discovered by) cachers you meet along the trails and at events and such. While you can drop this in events you attend (you MUST attend in order for this to count), DO NOT drop this in caches as you travel, that'd only make following along harder. After activation, please post your reference numbers here making sure to let us know it's a PC coin. I reserve the right to add more rules as they are needed. Most of all, HAVE FUN!!! :D ADDED RULE: Just so it's clear, coin can only be discovered via face-to-face encounters or at events YOU ATTEND!! No shared discoveries allowed here!! Share it as much as you wish, just don't share the numbers lol




That's for me to know and you to find out! <_<:(:huh: I can promise you'll like what we find! You can only speculate as to how you'll win a prize too, most events attended?? Most discoveries?? Furthest distance traveled to an event...or total?? Best discovered log?? Whatever I feel like, I won't even know until the time comes!! Speaking of time, when to end?? OK, we'll run this until the end of 2009! Dec.31 at 11:59 is the last they can be discovered!


Again, have fun with these, be creative and make some new friends while spreading bike awareness!!

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Be Aware Of Bikes Around You!

This code, we should all be bound to.

Look where they are and where they'll be

And if you do then you will see

What you should do to keep a distance

to avoid a tragic collision for instance.

Life is a gift that we can give.

Such a fast paced time in which we live.

Slow down, and give more space.

Make the roads a better place.

So here's to Tod and Tim and Karey

And the wonderful man she was to marry.

And Motogrrl and all who've passed.

Keep this code , make it last last.

It's one we should all be bound to.


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