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COINTEST: Todies Wild Ride!

Rockin Roddy

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Hey guys, I havn't been on here in awhile, but I just wanted to make an appearance. Hopefully everyone is doing well. Please be careful out there... even if you aren't on a bike. A friend of mine just lost a sister in a car wreck due to snowy conditions and backroads. So... please pay attention out there. Thanks, Goose

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I wonder if I've been slacking long enough?? I have 5 emails in my Drawing Folder, and I need 20 to have the next drawing. There are still 3 Coins to award that were donated by Dr. Neal. Here are some questions about an accident that occured in the parking lot of the coffee shop where I am right now. The accident was a couple of hours ago.




1. Remember to include your safety advice within each post.


2. Only answer ONE question in each post.


3. You may not answer the same question in two CONSECUTIVE posts.


4. Do not edit your post. If you make a mistake, just make a new post.



I think that was it, but I may have to add Guidelines as we go along. The first correct answer for each question will earn a spot in the drawing. After 5 of the questions are correctly answered, the round will end. Here are the questions...


1. How many vehicles were involved in the accident?


2. Counting all the people in all the vehicles involved, how many people were involved in the accident?


3. How many Emergency Vehicles responded to the scene?


4. How many people were taken away in an Ambulance(for a check, not serious injuries)


5. Besides the vehicles, what other damage to the property occured.


6. How many vehicles were towed away afterward?


7. How many people were in the vehicle which caused the accident?


8. What was the cause of the accident?


Thankfully there were no pedestrians in the parking lot, and no one was seriously hurt.


Thanks for answering the questions, and remember to keep things respectful.


Edit to add, for those who might come in here, but don't remember the way I was playing these rounds. A correct answer will get you a spot in a drawing for a Free Geocoin. There will be twenty spots in each drawing, and you can earn multiple spots. There are three more coins from Dr. Neal to give away at the moment.

wanted to move this to the next page


i believe #6 and #7 are answered...

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Pay attention to the car in front of you


What was the cause of the accident?


A car was not paying attention to the vehicle in front of it and rear ended the car as pulling out onto the road


(Had a police officer do this to us this last summer, he was watching the traffic coming down the road he was pulling into and not watching us ahead of him, he assumed we pulled out into traffic and he accelerated right into our van).

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