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COINTEST: Todies Wild Ride!

Rockin Roddy

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Eat, Sleep, Breath and Drive Safely !!


You sent 22 packages.



Ding! Ding! I sent 22 packages. Now maybe that's a hint for some of the other questions. You can compare the answers from the last game like this against the number of packages. It should give you some ranges to work with.


Please send in an email for the drawing folder.

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OK, here we go then...


Remember how my games work...


Begin your post with your Safety advice.

Answer only ONE of the questions in each post.

Do not answer the SAME question in two consecutive posts.

A correct answer will win you a spot in a future drawing for a Special Look Twice Coin.

Any edited post does not count.


These questions are about my trip to the post office to send out packages today.


1. Answered by Opalsns

2. What was the total cost of postage?(Dollars and Cents)

3. What was the length of the receipt they gave me?(to the quarter inch, must end in .00, .25, .50, or .75)

4. Answered by snowball 58!!

5. What was the cost of sending the most expensive package?

6. Where did I send the most expensive package?(what Country)

7. Answered by snowball 58!!


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