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COINTEST: Todies Wild Ride!

Rockin Roddy
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Did I mention I got lost and circled the stupid place in a slow spiral?


The good news is that I just had a tune-up and am realizing a few more mile per gallon!!


Oh, and that blonde...priceless!!! She was going faster than I cared to push my bike, but I stayed with her for a sec or two!! ;-)


A slow spiral hmmm that does make a difference--did the blonde make you dizzy or something?


How about 277 miles and 7 gallons of gas

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To answer your first question. My grandson who is 3 and a half spots them a long ways away because of the headlights. The car who pulled out in front of Tod probably would of pulled out in front of a mac truck because they weren't paying attention. Didn't have the mind on the road and that usually is what happens. We had a biker killed a few years ago up here and it was caused by an impatient young driver. It is still being very controversial and because it is talked about we up here are aware of bikers. But they only bike here a couple months and then they put them away so in the spring or usually summer there is awareness ads on tv for a public service announcement. There is still the ride in memory of Griff but it still comes down to keeping your mind on what your doing. But here we know it happens so that makes most of us much more aware than we was before. I would continue doing what your doing with the coins but the community needs to be reminded it does happen where they live. We lived like the saying, it happens some where else not here. Once we knew it does happen here it made a big difference.

Now my guess would be according to mapquest if I figured out where you went would be 454.18 miles and now I have to guess on gallons of gas so I will say 10 gallons. Doesn't sound right to me but oh well.

I am really sorry to here about your friend.

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240 miles and 6 gallons.


Maine Family....too low! But good on the gallons!


I have 5 more activated, 9 to go I think!! My hope is to get over 100 coins traveling all with bike awareness as their message!! I'll certainly need a lot of help!


I'm also going to a local sign maker (makes signs on that corrugated plastic) with a picture of Tod and his 9 yr old on his bike. I want a sign made (around 36"x24"???) with that pic and the words "Todie asks that you PLEASE WATCH FOR BIKES". Should cost around $20 per sign, I might have a couple made...one for me and one for Tod's mom. I would URGE anyone with the resources to have a bike awareness sign made or, if you can find them, purchase one and display it!!

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