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COINTEST: Todies Wild Ride!

Rockin Roddy

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Pay Attention, Save a Life!


Cave creek Arizona




hey friends , he left a you-tube movie as hint :)

That's not a hint, I only put that since you mentioned Phoenix. It's not related to the real answer.




Note to Moderator...

The link above is only provided as a Resource to see a list of possible locations, not as a commercial. That being said, if it is in violation, please delete it. Thank you.

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I am going with North Platte, NE


ALMOST 5000 POSTS!!!! :)


For the concensus, North Platte would be my guess too. Although other distinct possibilites exist since we didn't have an exact starting point. Rapid City would be second, Phoenix third. Since he was also curious how the mileage was figured - I used a combo of the Flying J website which lists locations and Yahoo Maps to calculate the mileage from SLC city center.


Now if we assume he started at a Flying J (there is only one in SLC) his starting coords would have been 40°43'34"N 111°54'55"W and the coords for North Platte are 41°06'06"N 100°43'36"W. A total of 657.93 miles.


To Phoenix the coords are 33°27'41"N 112°13'20"W for a total of 658.22 miles.


To Rapid City the coords are 44°06'12"N 103°08'59"W for a total of 664.72 miles.


To Lodi the coords are 38°07'04"N 121°23'22"W for a total of 685.38 miles


I still think North Platte.


Pay attention, save a life! And please drive safe Robert!

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5000 POSTS!!!


Since this thread started on Aug 19, 2008 at 12:34pm PST it only took 162 days, 19 hours, 34 minutes to reach this milestone!!!

14,067,240 seconds

234,454 minutes

3907 hours (rounded down)

23 weeks (rounded down)

With an average of a little more than 30 posts per day!!!


And a total of 369 coins released in this race!!!

Thats a little more than 2 coins released per day for TWR!!!

Currently there are 94 people with released coins!!!


The only statistic that I could not find was how many lives have been saved by this race since it started. I don't think there is any way for anyone to calculate that one. I would like to believe that there have been quite a few lives that have been saved just from the actions of all the special people who are participating in this race.


This is indeed a special milestone. I think a moment of silence should be observed for this momentous occasion. And a round of thanks to Rockin' Roddy for hosting this madhouse adventure that has taken over so many of us.

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Rapid City, south Dacota?


Pay Attention, Save a Life!


This would be my best guess as I get it as 664 miles from SLT. But that was guessed before the left to take his nap so I'm confused. Also he would have had to go through Wyoming to get there and I think that he was stuck in wyoming for a bit


Robert this time are you REALLY in Post Falls, ID ????? :):laughing:


Pay attention, save a life!

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pay attention, save a life


i was just using google maps and finding places along 1-15 and 1-80. the flying j in slc also interects sr 201, but with all of the bad weather i vote he is on a main highway.


i came up with riverside, ca 658 miles

sacramento, ca 650 miles

north platte, ne 657 miles

shelby, mt 651 miles


you know he could have switched highways on us and gone somewhere else. that would be my luck.

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