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COINTEST: Completely mindless and boring


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I hope I don't get in trouble for having too many Cointests, but as I mentioned in another thread, I see them as just a different form of distributing Coins (like selling or trading).


This one is completely mindless and boring, so just keep guessing.


I have had a great deal of trouble getting to my mailbox when the Post Office in Lathrop is actually OPEN, so I have gotten a NEW Post Office Box in a city that is easier for me to manuever in the Big Truck, and where the PO Box can be accessed any time of day or night.




This COINTEST is just to guess the NUMBER on my NEW Post Office Box.


The only rules are:

1. You can only post once each hour.

2. Any edited post is disqualified

3. If there is no winner after the end of the 7th day(forum time), I will award the prize to the closest guess.



The only hint is:

1. It has four digits.


This mindless Cointest should keep you all busy while I work on settling the others. The prize will be three coins out of my pile, to the winner. BTW, The Shutterspot Cointest is not finished, just cooling a little before I can serve it up. I won't be at the computer most of the time, so just keep guessing each hour when you are at yours, I'll post some sort of note as I am able to access things. Hope you all don't go crazy.

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