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WAAS on Oregon?

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I’m having trouble getting WAAS (or EGNOS in my case) to work with my Oregon. In perfect conditions I have been able to get three “D” but that’s it, if I wait even longer they disappear again.


The GPS seems to listen to the EGNOS satellite for about 5 minutes (without ever turning green) and the drops it and starts searching for another. Is this normal?


As you can se on the screen dump the conditions couldn’t be much better.



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It might be the way that the Colorado is reporting the WAAS reception.

There are 3 kinds of WAAS signals:



and Iono.


On a Magellan you need to get the Iono before the position screen will say WAAS Averaging. But you will get some waas corrections if you only get the Fast and Long.


If you lose site of the WAAS satellite for even a second you will lose the Fast correction and it will take a few seconds to pick that up again. The Long correctons seem to last even if you turn your GPSr off and on again and do not even have a position fix.

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