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Me and my husband are beginner in geocaching. We enter the coordinates of a cache and went 3 times to the cache in 1 month. Today, i found the lid of the cache but not the cache. My husband asked me when was the last time someone found the cache. I looked into the site of geocaching and could'nt find the page of the cache. It is possible to find that page if the owner of the cache put it in the archive???


Thank you

Virginie and Omar

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It's possible. If you posted logs to the cache page it will be in your history and you can access it through that.


You can't search for archived caches, but if you have some tie to it like a log or being it's owner, you can still access the page.


Unfortunatly, i have none of that. :laughing:

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If you know the GC waypoint number, you can search for it here:




Scroll down to Other Search Options and enter the GC number in the "by Waypoint" field


If you know the cache owner's name, you can go to their profile page and view all of their cache placements, including their archived caches


I lost the GC number :D and i don't have the owner's name :laughing:.

Here's the coordinates: N45 26.098 W073 36.177

Name of the cache (I think?): CEGEP LAURENDEAU

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GC140T1 is at those coords


Thank you. Need my glasses. I was looking for CEGEP LAURENDEAU

I did search the cordinates but had to many results that i did'nt look through...

I did'nt understand that the cordinates where related to my principal cordinates...

Thank you :laughing:


Anyways, i will report to the cache owner that i find only the lid. I think I'm the second one that this happened too.

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