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OshnDoc - Family Matters

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I am proud to announce my new personal (team) coin ---


"OshnDoc - Family Matters".

The front of the coin is showing my life and caching motto "Family Matters". The outer ring of the coin shows our caching activities, five set of feet taking off to find the cache, with big feet leading little ones further away from the cache, changing to a lead of the little ones closer to the cache.

The five names on the coin are our individual caching names of "Team OshnDoc", my wife, our three children and myself. The penguin design is based on a piece of artwork I had commissioned from a local Southern Mississippi artist a few years ago, after one of my research trips down to Antarctica. The back side of the coin shows the 3D topography of one of my favorite places in the world (besides home :anibad: ), Antarctica. This side is the same as on my first coin, released in early 2007.

There will be two of the finishes available for


Antique Bronze and a Two-Tone polished Nickel and Antique Bronze (see the pictures below). Each coin is 2" diameter, will be trackable at Geocaching.com with its own icon and is individually numbered on the edge of the coin.


I will have a couple of finishes for my personal trades and cash drops.

Find me at GCF-08 in Pittsburgh for some trades for those finishes.




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Both versions are still available on Coinsandpins.


Wish I had the money to get a couple, but I have to at least break even on my own coin before my wife will let me buy more! :P


OshnDoc: if you are headed back to Antarctica any time soon, I have a coin that would like to catch a ride and visit a few caches waaaaay down south!

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