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Garmin Nuvi 260

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I had to purchase the Map Update 2009 for my Nuvi 260 on DVD and I have installed it on my computer and also updated the Nuvi 260,...the question is what do I do with the Map Update 2009 file that is just setting on my computer occupying space ?? Should I delete the file or is it to be used for future updates by Garmin ??

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Thank you Motorcycle Mama, you have come to my rescue for a second time on the Nuvi 260. All of my previous GPS possessions have been Magellan and over the years and lots of reading forums like this I have been able to survive the ever changing applications of soft ware, hardware up dates on the Magellan products.

The Nuvi 260 is the first Garmin GPS that I have purchased and I am now asking a lot of questions from knowledgeable people like you for guidance,...thank you.

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