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The entire source code for one of our Wherigos


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I've decided to make this available to everyone as someone might find it useful. Feel free to use any of it...


What I did for this cache, Brueton Park (GC1B9MZ), was to have four zones and multiple choices at each zone.

Each answer assigns a value to a variable and a flag is set to show that that zone has been visited.

When all four zones have been visited, the final co-ordinates are constructed from the numbers depending on the answers chosen. Give the wrong answer - get the wrong final co-ordinates


There is also a four digit code in the cache log book which has to be entered to mark the cartridge as complete. This has to match the digits derived from the zones.


All instructions are given as images so they can't be read in notepad. This is probably excessive.


I've removed the hint and spoiler images so the cache cannot found by just knowing the area...


To get it to play fully in the emulator, edit the

if Wherigo.NoCaseEquals(device,"Desktop") then









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