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My Take on Oregon 400t

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'Just received a couple of the Oregon 400t's here at the store yesterday and instantly made one mine for study and evaluation. I must admit, having only played with the unit a few hours now I'm pretty much shooting from the hip, but Here's a few quick observations:


1. The touch screen is wonderful! Works like a charm.


2. Dissapointed to see the screen's surface is a somewhat translucent, matt-surfaced flexible plastic film that makes visibility even poorer than the Colorado (which is pretty bad!). I can also see this material being easily scratched by grit if not extremely careful when "panning" the map, etc. I was hoping Garmin had improved screen visibility and used a durable super hard material here.


3. The water resistance looks great. I haven't tried my famous "goldfish pond dunking act" that I did so unsuccessfully with my Colorado, but the Oregon looks really air tight and well designed in this respect. I think Garmin has learned a lesson here.


4. I'd really wished Garmin had used a quad antennae instead of the internal patch in the Oregon. I can definitely see that the Oregon isn't nearly as good picking up sats as my Colorado was. What's the point in doing this back-step here?


I have put a slick surfaced screen protector on the unit's screen (I had to cut one down to 39 X 69mm) and this seems to help visibility somewhat by reducing the cloudy matte appearance that reduces visibility.

Seems to me Garmin's got this one pretty dialed in except for the rather poor visibility thing.

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