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Multi Waypoint Maps


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Take this cache as an example.





It has 3 different waypoints which are all part of the cache find. Trail Head, mid way and final location.



Is there a way to see all three plotted on Google Maps without having to open each one then view?



Additional Waypoints

PrefixLookupNameCoordinate icon_viewable.jpgtrailhead.jpgW1START1START (Trailhead)S 34° 07.038 E 150° 47.827Note:TRAILHEAD ON APPIN ROAD. PARKING SHOULD BE DONE AT NEARBY COPPERFIELD DRIVE. icon_viewable.jpgtrailhead.jpgW2MWAY1MIDWAY (Trailhead)S 34° 07.291 E 150° 48.113Note:FIRE TRAIL SPUR. GIVES EASY ACCESS TO THE CREEK. icon_viewable.jpgflag.jpgW3FINAL1FINAL (Final Location)S 34° 07.323 E 150° 48.217Note:ENTRY TO THE SLOT



What I would like to see is a way to view all three waypoints on the same google page.



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