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Cachers of YORK unite

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We were hoping that through the forums here that we might be able to test the ground so to speak and see if any cacher's in the York Area would like to attend a Monthly meet up with fellow cacher's to enable them to promote the hobby and exchange ideas with fellow cachers, this would be just for social reasons ( to enable them to have a possible P.A.F [Phone A Friend] should they need it ) and also to encourage the newbies to mingle with seasoned cachers. The possibilities of these meet ups and the outcome of them could be great for our hobby/obsession.


So would any cachers in the York area welcome such a thing? also it would be an ideal time to ask where and when to hold the meetings and also if it is in a public house is it a child friendly place (some cacher's are family orientated).


So we ask all you cachers in the York area do you want to meet fellow cachers as it seems that these meet up's are becoming widespread throughout the country, you have the chance to voice your own opinions and not be left behind.

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You might find that monthly is too frequent...


Here in Cheshire / Wirral / N Wales we meet Quarterly, which is about right, but the NW cachers arrange a monthly meeting which is well attended, and has tuned very much into a social event... great!


You'll just have to suck it and see... make each one an official event and you'll be suprised... people will come out of the woodwork!


Good luck!

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