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Previously owned Garman Nuvi 260

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I have always been a Magellan fan, Not any more for my future GPS collection, and have sold a few to others and they have had no problems updating software with them. I have purchased a Previously owned Garman Nuvi 260 for my wife that has the 2008 maps. I have updated the firmware to 4.40. My question is,.... will I need some type of coed number from Garman for the 260 GPS that was previously owned and registered in order to up date to the 2009 maps from a DVD that I purchased from Garman ???

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Thanks ryleyinstl for your link about buying used Garmin GPS units. It looks like I am now screwed as the previous owner has registered the unit. I tried to register the Nuvi and Gamins' link informed me that it was all ready registered. I purchased this from a nephew that is a young man who was not careful with all the documentation that he had and is not able to recover the information. I was unaware that all of this registration was required by Garmin from one owner to another,...what the heck is all this about ???


So now I have a Nuvi 260 that I cant up grade and have spent $78 for Gamins new 2009 City Navigator DVD that I cant install into my Nuvi without some unlock code that I supposedly cant get now because I cant transfer the original reregistration information because it is lost ??? :blink::):D

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Considering that the GPSr from your relative was bought by him new all he should have to do is call Garmin with all of your contact info (and MyGarmin account info ) and have the things transferred over. They we recognize him as the owner being as he already registered the unit.


No documentation is nessasary.....you should not have any issues (I don’t thin anyway).

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Aside from all of the good advise that I received on this post for which I appreciated,.... I will have to add that the updated 2009 City Navigator North America NT DVD that I received today was installed on my Nuvi 260 with no problems. The only code needed for the install was the 8 cypher product key code that was on the 2009 CNNA, DVD and no other action on my part or the previously registered owner was necessary,....what can I say other than it worked for me with out the explicit steps that were out lined in the above link.

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