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Newbie benchmark question

Team Tookie

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Was at the MWGB this past weekend and came across this disk in the ground very near a cache that said U.S. Geological Survey and looked alot like what I have seen in pictures of benchmarks. I does not seem to have any codes or numbers on it and around the center of the disk it says gaging station. Now being new I am sure that this will be an easy question to answer. What is this disk and can it be logged as a benchmark? I had the co-ords of the disk and tried to look it up on the benchmarking site but it didn't show up. Here are the co-ords I had at the disk. Thanks for your help.


N 41 26.223

W 85 15.190


Chris Blackwell

"Team Tookie"

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I did a quick search on Geocaching's site & didn't come up w/ it. Gaging stations are placed around streams, etc by the USGS to measure water flow/levels, etc & many of these stations have a 'reference mark' disk nearby. Check the USGS's site for the gaging station - see link. If the disk isn't in GC's site you can post it in the US Benchmarks section of Waymarking.com (you can post the gaging station in the River Guages category as well)

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