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Garmin Colorado 400t - Exceeded Max Geocaches Bug

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I recently updated my Colorado 400t to Version 2.60 We were getting ready for a camping trip along the Oregon Coast and wanted to do some geocaching. I made three pocket queries for the trip.


Long story short... I deleted the gpx file I had on my Colorado already which was basically geocaches around my home town and added the three new gpx files for the trip. Unfortunately when doing this it did not delete my original gpx file for around my home town and only added some of the new gpx files, but not all. The total number of geocaches in the the three new gpx files I added was under 900, but when added to the undelted geocaches already on my Colorado it exceeded my maximum number of geocaches. So, basically I did not have a complete list for our trip and was a little upset. I also just tried to add one gpx file and it did the same thing.


I did not have this problem before and I did a similar arrangement for a California trip. I used the same method and it worked. I just deleted them when I got home and added a my home town gpx file right back on.


With the new update I am not able to delete old geocaches. Adding a new gpx file does not cancel out the old one. Deleting the file on my computer in the Garmin folder does not delete the geocaches on the Colorado either. I am stuck with a maxed out Colorado!


Anyone have any suggestions? If someone needs more clarification please let me know. Thanks!


Also, if someone knows of a link to load the version before this update, please let me know.

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I am using a Mac, I tried what you said and it worked. I have to say that is really weird, but I am very thankful that you had the right answer to my problem. I didn't notice the issue until right before we were leaving on our camping trip. I wish I had known. Thank you so much for letting me know and I hope this helps other Mac and Colorado users if they run into the same problem.

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just a note...and this is something I have now taken into account to try to remember to do EACH time i am going to connect the Colorado to my computer...

I empty the trash Before connecting it, as just in case I do delete something in the trash when the Colorado is plugged in, i want to make sure i see EXACTLY what is getting deleted...

Otherwise, you could end up deleting an important file that will render the Colorado useless.


I am not sure if this was an issue I had with a previous Colorado, but I used to delete my Geocache_Visits log each time after I uploaded the files to Geocaching.com...and somewhere along the line something must have gotten tossed in the trash as well, even though I never noticed anything was missing.

My old Colorado's maps got corrupted after trashing something, and I ended up with NO maps loaded and had to send it back to Garmin.


So even if you are on a mac, just try to remember to empty the Trash, and always look in the trash before deleting anything!

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