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Appalachian Trail GeoCoins...


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I am very very new to the world of geocaching and even newer to the world of collecting geocoins. I was at an event this past weekend and came across a GA Appalachian trail geo coin. I was immediately mesmerized!! While new to geocaching I am an old die-hard AT hiker. I was so excited and wanted to buy these coins when I was told they were no longer available for sale. I guess 2006 was a long time ago...


Anyway if any one has any suggestions as to where I can find some of these coins for sale I would be more then willing to purchase them (for a reasonable sum.) I have no trade items as I just got started in the game. :huh:


Any help or suggestions from this group would be appreciated.


Also I saw what I was told is a rather new AT coin with the Springer Mt Plaque on the front and the Mt Katahdin Sign on the back. Anyone know where I can find this one???


Thanks in advance.


Hammock Hanger

AT GA-ME 01-02-04

LT 02-04

FT 06

GET 07

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I have a baker's dozen set of the AT geocoins (bronze finish). Anyway it's shy of 1 coin to complete the set, I think. I was saving it for a diehard Applachian Trailer to trade or even sell at this point at fair market value. Are you the one? Email me through my profile if you're interested. No PMs please.


States included are:

New Jersey, Virginia, W. Virginia, Massachussetts, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Vermont, Connecticut, New York, Tennessee-N.Carolina, Maine, New Hampshire + AT Katahdin.


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