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What is a "Valet Job"?


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The term would usually mean that a prospective finder waits and relaxes at a commercial establishment (such as a restaurant or pub) while someone, perhaps a waiter, clerk, manager or the owner, retrieves the cache container and hands it to them, allowing them to sign the log. However, in the case of the cache under discussion, the usage of the term is a bit puzzling, since the August 9 logger who uses the term does not seem to be claiming a find, and rather simply logged a note. Perhaps it was a comment on the type of cache from afar.

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Wow this is a really old old cache placed way back on 1/6/2001, hence the very low number. It has yet to be found. Surely there are some die hard cachers out there itching to make a name for themselves by being the FTF on a 7.5 year old cache!

Yes I have been watching it for some time which was why I am puzzled by the log. I actually planned to go after it last month but unfortunately a bad storm came up and the guy that was going to try and take me out didn't want to risk it. I was within a few miles but it might as well have been a million. What I need to do is buy a yacht and head south from Texas. :huh:

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I would say they are suggesting they need a person to take them to the spot and frop them off and pick them up afterwards.


I think that would be a Taxi Job or at the least a Chauffeur Job. :huh:

I do know that if you are there without a boat you need to rent/hire one to get there.

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