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Garmin geocoin promotion:All coin versions now released.


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Still looking for a Big Ben coin to swap with an angel of the north.

Two people have promised to swap with me so far, one even received my address, but then I heard no more :P

Perhaps 3rd time lucky?

THese coins will be activated & sent out on missiopns - I already have a mission in mind - if only I can get one!

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They haven't even taken the entry form away yet!


I wonder how much longer we'll wait til we know who won? :)


No 11 of the official rules states: Potential winners of the prize will be chosen in a random drawing from the pool of valid entries on before 30 October, 2008.


So we have a little bit longer to wait.


Regards Tarot

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It's odd that most people seem to be hunting for London Eyes and Big Bens, I wonder what's happened to 'em all.


I activated mine and placed it in a cache... maybe everyone else did the same (as intended by Garmin)?


Found it at the weekend


It WILL NOT be disappearing into a collection :D

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I got 2 coins. Gave 1 to another cacher who couldn't get one and activated the other and released it.


It only moved once and the cache it was in was muggled, the TB in the same cache has 're-appeared' in the hands of a new cacher who had yet to log a cache, but I fear the coin I released had been swiped. :laughing:


Oh well, at least it moved once! :blink:

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ooo er the GARMIN geocoin Competion site is no longer available. i wnder if that means they are picking the winners


I think they must have taken the site down to amend the home page, which now reads :


The 2008 Geocaching with Garmin campaign has unfortunately now ended, however there are still 5000 Garmin geocoins in circulation so keep on geocaching.


All those who have participated in the campaign between 7th August and 30th September 2008 have been automatically entered into a drawing for a chance to win adventure prizes and discount vouchers including 2 x £500 Superbreak holiday vouchers, 25 x £30 Blacks and Millets store vouchers and 5 x Garmin Oregon touchscreen handheld GPS units. The lucky winners will be notified and listed on this site shortly.


From everyone at Garmin we would like to thank those who made this campaign a success and we hope you had fun taking part.



So perhaps not that much longer to wait for the winners to be announced.


Regards Tarot

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And there was me thinking that Garmin released these special coins to be activated and released into the great wild world of Geocaching and not kept in private zoos.


Mine have all been released and traveling the world.




Please note american coin collectors, I have no Garmin coins for trades, they have all been released doing what Garmin/Enjoy England intended. Thanks for your many emails.


Happy Caching to you all



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